Lesley Scott

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Lesley Scott – Photo ©2013 by John N Collins
Lesley Scott – Photo ©2013 by John N Collins

Steampunk Soiree Staff Writer, Editor, and Interviewer

I’m a geek and gamer girl.

When I was young I ran around back stage and in catwalks at the theater my parents volunteered at.

In elementary school I started to become involved in theater, though my involvement in theater slowed down to almost nothing since college.

I started reading comic books when I was 10 at the lake, the stash is currently in my closet, slowly turning into dust.

In college I started modeling, which I still do from time to time.I have always loved books and movies, I used to get lost in a book for hours.

Now a days I get lost in TV’s and movies, which makes sense as I am almost done with my Masters in Film theory and Criticism.

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