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    British soldiers line up at the bicentenial of the Battle of New Orleans
    British soldiers line up at the bicentenial of the Battle of New Orleans

    This past weekend in Louisiana, the final battle of the War of 1812, The Battle of New Orlens, was celebrated by living history reenactors from the U.S., Canada, and Great Britain.  The Battle of New Orleans was fought in Chalmette, Louisiana.

    On June 18, 1812, President Madison signed a declaration of war due to British agitation including blockading American ships, impressing Americans into serving in the British navy in the fight against Napoleon, and inciting Native Americans against the citizens of the U.S.  After winning many battles, the British entered Washington D.C. and burned down much of the city, including the U.S. Capital building, the President’s Mansion,  and the Library of Congress and all its books.  This was in retaliation for the destruction of private property on the north shore of Lake Erie.

    In November 1814 the British fleet in the Gulf of Mexico, led by General Edward Pakenham and reinforced by ships and troops who had been in the war against Napoleon, set sail for New Orleans.  They invited pirate captain Jean LaFitte to join them and guide them through the difficult waters to New Orleans.  Instead he stalled them and sided with the Americans, providing his knowledge, men, and weapons to defend the city of New Orleans.

    Being warned of the attack, Lousiana Govern Claiborne sent word to General Andrew Jackson.  General Jackson and his men arrived in New Orleans on December 2nd, 2015.  In December, General Jackson’s men fought to delay General Pakenham’s advance and built an earth wall at a point where the land land was blocked on one side by swamp and on the other by the Mississippi in Chalmette between the British and American forces.  Meanwhile British troops continued to arrive until they numbered around 11,000 men, more than double the men under General Jackson.

    On the eighth of January, 1815, General Pakenham implemented a rather clever plan, using ladders to scale the wall in the early morning fog.  Unfortunately, the fog had cleared along the wall leaving the forces in plain view of the American troops on the wall.  Additionally, when the men arrived at the wall, due to an oversight in planning, they had no ladders to scale it.  General Pakenham and his second in command were fatally wounded in the battle and, although he ordered his third in command, General Lambert, to fight on, the British retreated after his death with over 2,000 men lost in the battle.  Ironically, the Treaty of Ghent ending the war of 1812 was signed December 24, 1814, two weeks before the Battle of New Orleans.

    The reenactors of the battle set up camp, provided military and civilian demonstrations of the of the era to thousands of visitors in addition to staging multiple battles over the weekend.

    For more images from the reenactment check out the author’s photo album.

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  • Comics, cosplay, and celebrities in the Big Easy with Wizard World

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    The Eiffel Society in New Orleans
    The Eiffel Society in New Orleans

    This weekend Wizard World starts their 2015 comic convention schedule in the Big Easy, New Orleans.  Thursday night the con was kicked off with a gathering of press, guests, artists, and exhibitors at the Eiffel Society.  Celebrities present at the soiree included Lou Ferigno, Jason David Frank, and New Orleans nerdlesque stars, Xena Zeit-Geist, and Remy Dee.

    Kristen Hughey as Super Girl
    Kristen Hughey as Super Girl

    Friday the con officially started at 4 p.m. at the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center with a Mardi Gras costume photo op on the show stage and panels from 4:30 to 8:15.  The last panel of the day was “COSTUMES + PLAYING = COSPLAY! So what does that actually mean?”  with Damian Beurer, Riki “Riddle” LeCotey, and Kristen Hughey giving hints and humor from their cosplay experiences.

    The night ended at Fulton Alley with the Creator Pro Am: Drink and Draw where artists and writers could come and compete in a writing and drawing competition.

    Jumping for Joy with Eyeshine at Anime-ZING!
    Johnny Yong Bosch and the Eyeshine guys with Sonny Strait, Christina Vee, and Robert “Lord Zedd” Axelrod

    Today the con opens at 11 a.m. with panels, a variety of movie, television, comic, and cosplay special guests including a new trivia game show, “Last Fan Standing” with Bruce Campbell.  Mighty Morphin Power Ranger fans won’t want to miss Jason David Frank’s 3:00 p.m. panel with a Wizard World first appearance by Johnny Yong Bosch.  One of the highlights of Wizard World, the adult costume contest, goes from 7 – 9 p.m.

    Xena Zeit-Geist as Batman in her Bat-Jammies at the opening of "Arkham ASS-YLUM!"
    Xena Zeit-Geist as Batman in her Bat-Jammies at the opening of “Arkham ASS-YLUM!”

    The convention continues Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 with the Wizard World Kids Costume Contest as one of closing acts.  Unofficially (no Wizard World pass needed) for those who can’t get enough of the lovely ladies and dapper dudes of cosplay, Xena Zeit-Geist and her ladies and gents of nerdlesque will continue their costumed carrying on at the Eiffel Society opening at 8 p.m. with Harry Potter related nerdlesque performances at 9:00 p.m. and closing with a Yule Ball Dance Party.

    For more information about the New Orleans Comic Con and other events, check the official Wizard World website.

    For more about John N. Collins, find him on TwitterInstagram, Youtube, and Facebook.  Be sure to let him know your thoughts on his articles!

  • ‘Arkham Ass-ylum': New Orleans Nerdlesque with voluptuous vixens and Voltaire

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    Xena Zeit-Geist as Batman in her Bat-Jammies at the opening of "Arkham ASS-YLUM!"
    Xena Zeit-Geist as Batman in her Bat-Jammies at the opening of “Arkham ASS-YLUM!”

    It would be neglectful on the part of a writer of Music, Geek Culture, and Tourism to visit New Orleans without checking into the nightlife.  This evening was the world premiere of Xena Zeit-Geist‘s “Arkham ASS-SYLUM!” a DC Comics Universe based nerdlesque (nerdy burlesque) show at The Shadowbox Theater.

    The premise of the show was that:

    “There’s been a security breech at Arkham Asylum, and a strange gas is causing Gotham’s favorite super villains to take off their clothes! The Riddler is determined to solve the mystery, but can he do it before the world’s greatest detective? Join Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Joker, The Mad Hatter, Scarecrow, Dr. Strange, Harley Quinn, Two-Face, Penguin, Riddler, Batman, and Robin for a titillating evening of crime-fighting and tassel-twirling!” (From the Arkham “ASS-SYLUM!” Facebook page.)

    The Riddler narrating the opening of Xena Zeit-Geist's "Arkham ASS-YLUM!"
    The Riddler narrating the opening of Xena Zeit-Geist’s “Arkham ASS-YLUM!”

    Ms. Zeit-Geist’s Arkham features the Riddler as the Narrator of the show as well as a member of the cast.  He goes through the Asylum questioning the inmates (most have females cast as the characters, oddly enough!) about their potential involvement in the release of the mysterious gas.  The questioning usually comes after they have already been impacted by the gas and he, himself, is slowly succumbing to its pull as the show goes on.

    "The Cell Block Tango" satire in Xena Zeit-Geist's "Arkham ASS-YLUM!"
    “The Cell Block Tango” satire in Xena Zeit-Geist’s “Arkham ASS-YLUM!”

    The opening act of the show is a satirical rendition of  “The Cell Block Tango” from the play/movie Chicago with DC Villains recounting their encounters with the Batman in song then all in chorus singing, “He had it coming…”

    There is a brief intermission where a few members of the cast come in and offer low priced refreshments and raffle tickets to win a dance from the cast at the end of the show (sadly, this writer’s tickets were not winners!)

    A budding romance in Xena Zeit-Geist's "Arkham ASS-YLUM!"
    A budding romance in Xena Zeit-Geist’s “Arkham ASS-YLUM!”

    In the second half there is a tale of love between the prison psychiatrist, Dr. Harleen Quinzel and The Joker.  In the seduction of the Dr., Ms. Zeit-Geist useds the song, “When You’re Evil” by Aurelio Voltaire, aka Voltaire.  When informed that his song was used for the seduction scene, Voltaire responded, “I’m honored she used my song!”  Voltaire will be appearing at the Midwest Media Expo in Detroit and then the Steampunk Empire Symposium in Cincinnati the same weekend when this writer will be sitting down with him for an interview.  For more information on his performance schedule, check out Voltaire’s Facebook Event Calendar.  The Transformation Scene where Dr. Quinzel becomes Harley Quinn is to the music of Ed Cobb‘s “Tainted Love.”

    For the Geek in the Big Easy looking for some nerdity, Xena Zeit-Geist’s “Arkham ASS-YLUM” is a delightfully dorky, comic creation from commencement to curtain call.  At only $10 per ticket it is five stars of geeky fun!

    Show dates and times: Friday March 14, Saturday March 15, Friday March 21, and Saturday March 22 at 11:00 p.m.  and it may be extended for another week so check their Facebook page if you can’t make it during these dates!  Doors open at 10:30p.m.

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  • Photo Albums for 2014

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    Mardi Gras parades are rolling with good times and great parades!
    Mardi Gras parades are rolling with good times and great parades!

    Thanks for checking out the photo gallery page for 2014 photo albums.  We are hot and heavy into the Mardi Gras Season as I write this so Happy Mardi Gras!

    Please take the time to friend/follow us on:

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    If you post one of our images to your personal Facebook or other social media, tagging is appreciated to acknowledge the time and effort we put into the work.  Please don’t remove our logo as this is copyrighted material.  If you want to use to use our images for comercial, professional purposes, please contact us via the contact link in the photo album.

    This site is new but we have been covering Mardi Gras since 2010 and will have more links to old albums soon but are rather busy with Mardi Gras at the moment.  :-)

    At the moment our hosting service is glitching up due to the increase in the Mardi Gras traffic but they assure me they are working on remedying that by moving us to a new, dedicated server that will just host our sites.  In the meantime it may be easiest to hit the link below that goes directly to the parade photo album you are interested in.

    Mardi Gras 2014 Photo Albums:

    Mobile, Alabama:

    Bayport Parading Society
    Pharoah’s, Order of Hebe, and Conde Explorers Parades

    New Orleans:

    Oshun Parade
    Cleopatra Parade

    Mardi Gras related events and places:

    The Chewbacchus “Chewbacchanal” Ball


    Check back later for more!

    John N. Collins
    John N. Collins – by Syndey Byrd