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  • The Bawdy Boys Entertain Their Way Through Tales, Toasts, and Timeless Tunes at the World Steam Expo!

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    Once again the Detroit based band, the Bawdy Boys, drank and sang their way through the Memorial Day Weekend at the World Steam Expo.

    They describe their music as Folk/Celtic/Pirate and, I would add, drinking music, though they mainly drink between songs.  Of course, their music segues into toasts, humorous banter, jokes, and tales, which gives the members plenty of time to maintain sufficient moisture in their throats to move on to their next song.

    They sing traditional Irish songs as well as more modern songs, and even Tom Leher’s Irish Ballad, but all with their own spin of bawdy naughtiness.

    Their music isn’t for those of sensitive ears, at least not ones sensitive to profanity or perversion, as such songs as FUID are abreviations (F— You I’m Drunk, F— You I’m Drunk. Pour my beer down the sink, I’ve got more in my trunk…) and they don’t use the abreviations when they sing.

    On the other hand, their music is as infectious as the men and women they sing about and the listener is hard pressed to refrain from joining in. Check out their facebook page to hear some of their music and then catch them live and tell them I sent you. I am sure they will toast to that! (Especially if you are buying, but, unless you’re rich, don’t get stuck with the tab!  ;-) )

    For more photos of the Bawdy Boys at the World Steam Expo,  check out the Weird Review Bawdy Boys Album.

  • Prestidigitator Pop Haydn is Certifiable!

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    Just last night I saw the hilarious and clever prestidigitator, Pop Haydn in action at the World Steam Expo.  According to Pop’s business card he is a certifiable genius.  After seeing his show I would have to say that I am sure he is certifiable for many things, including Certifiably Hilarious!

    His hilarious patter was taylored to the event and his interaction with the audience flowed effortlessly.  He performed some of the old greats such as the cut and restored rope (here he tosses one of the knots of the restored rope into the audience) and dollar with clever, steampunk props and storyline and kept the audience mesmerized when they weren’t laughing uproariously.

    In my younger days I studied prestidigitation a bit and cherished my Abbots Magic Company catalog (about the size of medium sized city’s phone book!) and have done some of the wonders he performed, so I know (no, I am not going to tell you!) the workings of the illusions, yet Pop performed them so that even a knowledgeable and well trained eye with a high speed lens on a professional camera couldn’t penetrate his flawless execution (and believe me, I was watching closely and took lots of shots!)

    I caught a pic of the flare as the torn dollar burst into flames and in the image there is an inverted ghost of the flare that looks as though the scrapped dollar is flying down to penetrate the lemon where it soon made its appearance.

    After the show I had the chance to speak with Pop as he flew past and he gave me his business card.  Six times “Magician of the Year” at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.  That is like saying best performer in Carnegie Hall for six years.  Once again I am in the presence of greatness at the World Steam Expo and asking how they do it.  Regardless, I am very glad they do!

    By the way Pop, I really need some of that miracle oil you were selling from the Placebo Indians.  Can you send over a case?  :-)

  • Of Stockings and Steam – Hayley Jane at the World Steam Expo!

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    When I entered the ballroom where Hayley Jane was holding her seminar it had the respectful quiet one might expect during the solemn moments of a religious ceremony.  She held the audience in rapt attention as she explained her philosophies and concepts related to the art and science of the strip-tease.  During most events I shoot the click of my camera usually fades into the background but I actually had a few admonishing looks from the audience who were focussed on her words.

    Hayley spoke of the universality of the sexiness of women and how the art of strip-tease can help any woman of any age overcome the problems of body image that we all have whether it be a consciousness of obesity that leads to eating disorders or, as in her case, feelings of inadequacy stemming from her legs being too short or her ankles being “weird.”  Through performing her art, the feelings of inadequacy and problems with body image have diminished, giving her power, presence, and poise.  She believes that all women can similarly gain confidence, better body image, and even better orgasms through her art whether it is a public performance or privately with their lover.

    She gave instruction to the audience on the importance of timing and tension in creating the suspense in strip-tease giving an example of the removing of the formal, long glove.  It can be removed by pulling it slowly off with the teeth both creating tension in the cloth as it is removed, and in the observer as the creamy, sexy flesh of her wrist is slowly revealed and she keeps a smolderingly seductive eye-contact with her observer.  Alternatively, she demonstrated the removal of the glove via stepping on the finger-tips with the shoe and so displaying herself in a more casual manor, offering the spectator an unobserved moment to view her other lovely features while the glove slides down and off her fingertips and she slowly becomes fully erect.

    She also demonstrated the wrong and right way to walk though, while posture and poise is important, from her definition it really isn’t so much as how to walk as the attitude one conveys.  She said to many women convey apathy in their walk because they just don’t care.

    During the seminar her mother called and she put her on speaker phone and told her she was addressing Hayley Jane’s seminar on the Art of Strip Tease.  If there were any doubt on her mother’s feeling about her daughter’s art, it was dispelled when Hayley Jane invited her to say hello to the nerds in the seminer.  Her mom shouted, “Hello Nerds!”

    Hayley Jane indicated that she has students of all (adult) ages attend her seminars but they tend to be more concentrated in their middle and later years as most young women have yet realize that the selfconsciousness of their youth and the desire to conform limit them from fully realizing potential creative beauty and sensuality that is Woman.